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Teaching & Tech Experiences
Bands & Experiences

Since 2007, I have led the Zephyr Project at Tavistock Youth Café, providing guidance and mentoring to aspiring musicians, focusing particularly on guitar playing. Through collaborative efforts with other tutors, I have broadened the scope of the project to include live music events, creating a platform that introduces varied musical opportunities for young people.

My commitment to community involvement extends beyond the Zephyr Project by way of teaching, organising events and fundraising for other diverse youth centres across Devon.

Additionally, I have partnered with organisations and charities including the Tavistock Lions Club, Round Table, Tavistock Library (Shake the Shelves), the Local Council, and others. Enriching musical experiences by bringing people together and sharing my passion for music.

In 2013, I completed a guitar tech course under the guidance of Ian Randell. Since then, I have applied my acquired skills to assist clients in the repair, customisation, and enhancement of various instruments. My expertise spans across guitars, basses, violins, banjos, and ukuleles.

I have played in numerous bands of multiple genres, primarily in the South West region. Significantly, I have partnered with students, using these performances as a means to build confidence and nurture opportunities for personal and musical growth.

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